JIM WEESE – Sleazy Auto Service in Bennett

Tom Martino   July 28, 2016   Comments Off on JIM WEESE – Sleazy Auto Service in Bennett

UPDATE: Jim Weese has since closed his doors at 44th Auto and moved his operation to his residence. He is still ripping off consumers. This article includes just two of the many stories of rip-offs.

The latest victim we heard from stems back to 2012! That’s when Jim Weese picked up James’ 1984 Chevrolet Pickup. Weese was supposed to do a an engine rebuild with a super-charger. Weese kept the car for almost 2-years before giving Jim an estimate!

That estimate was for $21,000, which James paid in full.  After that,  James said he never heard from Weese again. 

When we contacted Weese, he claimed he did a lot of other work and claims that James owes him more money! He said he is done with James and he can come pick up his truck and all of his parts.

However, when we tried to make arrangements to get the stuff, Weese backed out of the agreement and said he never wants to hear from us or the customer again!

In this case, Jim Weese basically stole $21,000, a truck and thousands of dollars in parts!

In short, Jim Weese is one of the most vile sleazeballs we’ve ever dealt with. This second case involves an active-duty U.S. Sailor who called my radio show for help. “Sleazy Weesey” promised to fix “Sailor John’s” car for $4,000 and collected $3,000 up front.  That was in July 2015.  Over the next 9-months Sailor John said he was given one excuse after another as to why his car was not fixed.  After that he called me for help!  You won’t believe the story.

Here are the down and dirty details:

  • While John was waiting for his car, he was deployed to the Middle East.   John’s uncle tried to help out his nephew by dealing with sleazy Jim Weese.
  • After 9-months, John just wanted his car back, so he offered to pay Weese full price on the repair contract – which meant another $1,000.
  • But scum-bag Weese refused unless Sailor John signed a “release“, promising not to take any action again him or his shop.  The release basically says John can not complain or even speak about the service he received nor could he hold Weese or the shop responsible for anything!  It also said the car is basically a pile of parts and is not running.
  • If John did not sign the contract, he would charge John storage fees going back 9-months, which would amount to nearly $7,000!
  • CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?  This clown, Jim Weese, owner of 44th Auto Service in Bennet was basically saying, I did nothing to your car; it’s in pieces. And if you want it back, you have to pay me a total of $4,000 – for nothing – and you need to sign a release saying you will never do anything about it!
  • After we contacted Weese he continued to refuse to release John’s car.
  • Many of our listeners called the 44th Auto Service in Bennet at 303.644.3027 in an effort to help.  They report that Weese was loud, obnoxious, vulgar and insulting.
  • After we threatened legal action, sleazy Weesey contacted an attorney to handle the matter.
  • The car was released for no additional payment and no release was signed!

Based on how he handled this, would you want to deal with him?

By the way, this is not the only complaint of this nature (check out this similar complaint at Ripoff Reports)