Tom Martino   February 24, 2021   Comments Off on ASPEN (or Ass-pen) COMMERCIAL GROUP SUX!

Pamela wishes she never met Marshal LeMoine because he ripped her off for $20,000!

Pamela lives in a log cabin hit be tremendous hail in 2017. The repairs involved an extensive process of resurfacing logs and filling damaged chinking. In all, around a $40,000 job.

To get right to the point, LeMoine took around $20,000 up front, then proceeded to dillydally for months and months and months. The end result was very little work and even more damage!

When Pam called my radio show, she knew it was probably too late to recover any money from his company, Aspen Commercial Group, LLC or from LeMoine personally, so she simply wants to warn others!

To make matters worse, Pam got sued by the first labor crew claiming they had not been paid.

Calls to LeMoine have gone unreturned, by Pam and the Troubleshooter Network.

Unfortunately, Pam did not use nor did she check Lemoine’s references. We urge you to avoid this contractor! He advertises under the name, Aspen┬áCommercial Group or Marshal LeMoine at 720.400.2549.

It’s too late for Pam, but not you!