If you’re looking to faux-finish a room in your home: BEWARE of FAUX ILLUSIONS and owner CAROL PRENDERGAST! She may give you the illusion that she’s a skilled artist ready to paint your room but there’s a chance she’ll just make your deposit disappear! Kris called my show to complain that she paid money up front and got nothing in return. Here are Kris’ own words from an email:

I hired her in the summer of 2015.  She gave me a start date of Oct. 19, 2015 (or possibly sooner).  However, she continually pushed that day back.  By Nov. 2015, I had requested that my deposit be returned, twice.  The first time, she refused, stating it was non-refundable.  I was in shock!  The second time, she agreed to send it back, but not until March 2016!  I finally got my money back–because I took her to small claims court! 

Kris was luckier than others who had similar experiences. According to Kris, the faux painter has a pattern of not starting the work and not returning deposits!  And Kris says Prendergast got very nasty and threatening in her emails & texts.