Tom Martino   June 22, 2017   Comments Off on “CERTIFIED LIARS” @ CERTIFIED TRANSMISSION

Jeff Jolliffe is a MISERABLE MECHANIC that took advantage of a college student that has little or no resources! He and his wife, Leisa, own Certified Transmission & Service of Colorado Springs started their deceit with a Craigslist ad … claiming they will install a new transmission, with a 3 year warranty, for $1840.00!

When consumer Mike tried to take advantage of that offer, he got nothing but headaches! ¬†He was told it would take 4-days to install the transmission but it actually took 15-days. Then when Mike tried to drive away, the tranny began to shudder and went into “limp” mode!

Mike had the truck¬†towed back and Certified Transmission of Colorado Springs did nothing! After a month, Mike got us involved. We had to get the sheriff’s department involved to get his truck back! Now the consumer has nothing but a pile of worthless parts and a truck that is also worthless!

Sleazy Jeff and Leisa refuse to refund the $1840!

WATCH OUT for these terrible people. They change company names often. Other company names include:

Xtreme Auto Services | Brighton, CO

All American Transmission