Tom Martino   December 10, 2021   Comments Off on ALL AMERICAN TRANSMISSIONS: THE WORST PLACE EVER!

WE HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH A WORSE TRANSMISSION SHOP THAN THIS ONE! The latest name is All American Transmissions, located at 9369 Federal Blvd in Federal Heights, owed by Jeff Jolliffe. If you wait 5-minutes his company name may change, as he’s had around 17 companies going back 10-years with a continual record of rip-offs!

The worst problem is with a number of customers who have reported their vehicles stolen after being dropped off for warranty work. Just Friday, December 10, 2021, we got yet ANOTHER CALL about a customer who had his truck stolen from that location!

Are we to believe that several cars and trucks are stolen from Jeff Jolliffe and he has nothing to do with it?


  • Charlie took his 2008 Chevy Silverado, to Jeff’s All American, at 9369 Federal Blvd. in Federal Heights, for a rebuilt transmission. The so-called rebuilt trans failed after 2 weeks! Charlie brought the truck back for warranty work. But after 4-weeks, the truck just sat there, so Charlie called me for help. He said the shop refused to honor their warranty. When we got involved, Jolliffe promised to fix the truck. Then, the very next day the truck was stolen, according to Jeff Jolliffe!

  • Mark, from Indiana, broke down in Denver. He paid $3,400 to Jeff Jolliffe for a rebuilt transmission.  Mark found out it was NOT rebuilt. Jolliffe also promised to return Mark’s core (worth a few thousand dollars) but never did it!

  • One caller paid $2,000 for a rebuilt transmission that lasted 2-weeks!

  • A college student that has little or no resources paid $1,840 … with the promise of a  newly rebuilt transmission, with a 3 year warranty. Never got it.

  • Mike was told it would take 4-days to install a transmission but it actually took 15-days. Then when Mike tried to drive away, the tranny began to shudder and went into “limp” mode! Mike had the truck towed back and after a month, Mike got us involved. We had to get the sheriff’s department involved to get his truck back! Now the consumer has nothing but a pile of worthless parts and a truck that is also worthless!

BEWARE! HE CHANGES BUSINESS NAMES LIKE SOME PEOPLE CHANGE UNDERWEAR! SOME OF THE PAST NAMES HE HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH INCLUDE: Certified Transmissions, Xtreme Power Works, Spartan and others. The only name that seems to be consistent with these ripoffs is Jeff Jolliffe!

According to Harold Thomas, who is actually the Acting Mayor of Federal Heights and an avid listener of the show …

There is no All American Transmission located at the 9300 block of Federal Blvd. At least not a building with a sign with that name.

“However, sadly that is not the end of the story. The phone number you gave (720) 243-2968 lists to a Spartan Garage, Inc. 1490 W. 70th Ave., Denver. Spartan Garage also has awful reviews on BBB and Yelp.”