CREATIVE WINDOWS MOTTO: “Take the money and run!”

Tom Martino   October 26, 2022   Comments Off on CREATIVE WINDOWS MOTTO: “Take the money and run!”

THE COMPANY IS WAS “CREATIVE WINDOWS, LLC” owned by scumbag extraordinaire, Marc Castro. He has recently stocked up on “deposit” money, just before disconnecting his phone and closing his doors!

One example is with Josh who called Creative Windows for a quote on windows. Scumbag Castro wrote up the contract for $10,800. He then offered some extra incentives if Josh would put down a 50% deposit. So, on August 8th, he paid Castro $5400.

After getting payment from Josh, Scumbag Castro took some measurements, then disappeared. After that he disconnected his phone and closed his doors.

When Josh went to Castro’s office to investigate, he was told by the landlord that Castro moved out suddenly and that all kinds of disgruntled customers and even attorneys have been looking for him.

What happened? We do not know. But we do know that Marc Castro made sure he lined his pockets before he went out of business!