Damien Gunn, the self proclaimed “Hardwood Hero” is a lying, cheating, scamming fool! I base this opinion on our research of victims. Our desire s that you do not become one of them! His M. O. (modus operandi) is to give a low ball estimate on new hardwood or refinishing, then once the customer “bites” he fires off a demand for money up front – to buy materials, of course. Except, in many cases he doesn’t buy materials nor does he even start the job! Basically after he gets your money, “Abracadabra” … woosh … he disappears for good.

Gunn uses Craig’s List and Home Advisor to find his victims. Watch out for this guy because he’s still fishing! In addition to “The Hardwood Hero” he has also used the name “Gunns Hardwood”.

The phone number he has been using is 720-539-6052.



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