Tom Martino   June 28, 2017   Comments Off on ERIC LAXSON IS LAX ON ETHICS!

In my opinion, Eric Laxson’s actions are no better than a common crook! Linda, from Aurora, says he took her for more than $40,000 and left her home in shambles.

She says she paid him $26,000 for shoddy work that is worth no more than few grand (and that’s being generous). To make things worse, he also used her Home Depot credit card to buy materials and tools for himself! Then returned some of her materials for store credit that he used for himself!

This 22-year Air Force veteran is now out more than $40,000! Linda says he is now preying on her neighbor! We checked out that job and it is also incomplete and substandard!

We are continuing our investigation. Meanwhile, we recommend you avoid this dirt-bag. He goes by the names Denver Kitchen & Bath and Denver Drains (303.838.2148). But who knows? He could have other businesses we don’t know about. The latest cell phone he used is 720.369.2663. I highly recommend you avoid these numbers if you see them in advertising.