Tom Martino   June 20, 2018   Comments Off on GIVE THE FINGER TO LADY FINGERS GARDENING!

All Judy wanted was a beautifully landscaped yard. Instead she got a few bushes removed for $3,000! Judy’s mistake was hiring Lady Fingers Gardening.

After paying $3,000 to Owner Shelley Herbert, Shelley walked off the job after a few hours and never returned. When we contacted Shelley, all she would say is that Judy is lying and we would have to talk to her attorney and she would see Judy in court. Our opinion? Shelley is a bitch. She refused to answer a simply question and deal with a straight-forward consumer complaint. I don’t blame Judy for wanting an explanation for walking off the job and not showing up!    

Here is the information listed online for Ladyfingers Gardening … 3509 W Berry Place, Littleton, CO 80123.  Phone:  303.809.0232

Avoid this company. Shelley’s attitude sucks!