Tom Martino   March 30, 2018   Comments Off on JIM JOHN’S SIDE OF THE STORY

Jim Johnson came on my radio show to give his side of the story!

Johnson claims he did not cause all of the contamination. He claims he was called in after the homeowners had already started the renovation . project themselves. He said they had already disturbed the asbestos.

The homeowners say “…that is a lie.” They said they never touched the ceiling. They said that was left to Jim.

Johnson also refutes our reporting that he left bags of asbestos in the dumpster. He said those bags in the photo are not asbestos. He said those bags were filled with old insulation. He said he only had one bag of asbestos and disposed of it at a designated waste facility for which he has a receipt. He said he is prepared to show that receipt should legal or criminal action be taken against him.

While on the show, Johnson did admit he was unlicensed to abate asbestos and that he probably did not follow the exact protocol for removal of the hazardous substance. But, he said, he did the best he could sealing off the kitchen and venting the dust to outside.

He claims he is not pursuing payment for the job and wants the family to use the money they were gonna pay him to help clean up the mess. He said he learned his lesson and will never attempt to handle asbestos again.

“I would never intentionally take on a job and knowingly hurt anyone.” He said. “I would never knowingly expose that family and little children to asbestos.”