Tom Martino   June 11, 2019   Comments Off on KEN GARCIA IS NOT YOUR AMIGO!

Michelle wanted to make their home accessible for her husband who had been stricken with cancer and confined to a wheelchair. Unfortunately, she contracted with Ken Garica, who advertised himself as “KenG Fence”.

I say “unfortunately” because Garcia was way better at taking her money than doing any work! In fact, the cancer took her husband before Garcia completed the job. While that may not be his fault, he is responsible for shoddy work.

Michelle estimates it will take nearly $10-grand to fix the mistakes he made at her home … and that’s $10,000 on TOP of the $20-grand she already paid him.

Will Ken Garcia come back to correct his problems? No.

Will Ken Garcia refund any money? No.

Will Ken Garcia help her get back items that went missing coincidently when his workers entered her home? No.

In short, Garcia is done with her. He got her money. He did his crappy job and now, by most reviews, he’s on to do the same to others. By the way, most of his reviews are 1-star, which amazingly are sprinkled with “perfect” 5-star ratings – funny how that works. DON’T TAKE A CHANCE AND GAMBLE MONEY ON THIS CLOWN.

Ken Garcia is a poor excuse for a contractor. I strongly recommend you avoid him and DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER IF YOU SEE IT IN AN AD: 720.431.0927.