Tom Martino   August 15, 2022   Comments Off on MOBILE “RIPOFF” MECHANIC: Michael Van Alstine

WARNING: This mobile mechanic going by the names, “Front Range Mobile Mechanic” & “Wrench on the Move” may be hazardous to your wallet because he has a history of ripping off consumers who called him for service!

So far, here is a list of consumers we’ve heard about, who gave money to Michael Van Alstine and got nothing!

  • Amanda Millner paid $2700
  • Duncan Hollis paid $940
  • Dennis Whittaker paid $500
  • Maste paid $2600
  • James paid $2000
  • Hernan Rodriguez paid $7000
  • Jenn Vercammen paid $2500
  • Lamont Cranston paid $2400

This guy should be put in jail because, in my opinion, he is a thief! I recommend you avoid him and his companies. This is one of the phone numbers he uses: 719-332-8879.

If you call, tell him we are spreading the word about his cheating ways!