Tom Martino   October 26, 2021   Comments Off on THIEF DISGUISED AS LANDSCAPER!


Landscaper/Scumbag David Phillabaum was sentenced October 18, 2021 for various counts of Felony and Misdemeanor theft. He is now onĀ 2-years Probation, plus ordered to pay $58,000 in restitution

BACKGROUND: David Phillabaum took a lot of money from people and never returned to do any work! In my book, that’s called a thief! Emily, a Lakewood homeowner, first made us aware of Phillibaum. She said he took $25,000 from her and disappeared! We have since heard about tother consumers who had similar experiences. BEWARE!

If you see this guy or hear about him, let us know at 303.MARTINO (24/7 hotline). His last known business names were, “The Other Side Outdoor Livingscape” and “The Other Side Lawn & Landscape”. He goes by the nickname, “Philly”.

Even if you do not come across him be name, avoid this number in any ad, because it is a number he has used before: 317.361.6311.

Phillabaum comes to Colorado from Indiana.

It would be good to let him and others know about his lying, cheating ways! Here is his Facebook Link.