Meet Dustin Lobsinger, a twice convicted felon related to theft and robbery charges who took $15,000 from Kelly in the fall of 2017, then disappeared after doing minimal work. One of the company names used by Lobsinger is Advanced Building Solutions.

It didn’t take long for “Dusty” to show his true colors – he was contracted to do a garage to replace an existing carport. After he pulled down the carport he simply left a pile of rubble and left, never to show up again. The work he did was maybe worth around $1,500. So where is the rest of the money? In Lobsinger’s pocket, in violation of Colorado’s Contractors Trust Act.

On October 21st, Kelly texted Dusty, after weeks of not showing up, “Are you ditching us today?” SHe asked.

“Yes,” was his curt answer. Then he had the nerve to text this:

“If you want someone else that’s fine, you have no patience and it’s tough working under those conditions.”

Do you see what a creep this guy is? She paid him 15-grand, UP FRONT, he hardly did any work. Then disappeared for weeks. Then he calls her IMPATIENT!

When we got involved, we wanted to get his side of the story. He would not comment other than to scream, “There is another side of the story”, “I have an attorney”, “This thing is going to court” and various other statements riddled with vulgarities. By the way, if he does have an attorney, he refused to give us contact inforamtion.

Based on this guy’s background of felony convictions and multiple civil suits, I strongly recommend you avoid him at all costs. We are investigating both civil and criminal cases against this sleaze bal.

Dustin Lobsinger’s last known cell phone number is 720.838.8811.