Scamming Jeremiah Lopez has a familiar MO (mode of operation):  He takes money up front, then disappears.  We have a list of victims all telling similar stories.  He has taken thousands of dollars from people promising he would do various contracting jobs for them.  But he does little or nothing!  He even ripped off the D. J. he hired for his wedding!  As a result of our coverage of this scumbag, Parker Police arrested Lopez. When he showed up for his arraignment we arranged for him to be arrested again for contempt of court on another case in Denver.

Last we checked he was out on bail awaiting court hearings on numerous criminal and civil charges.

Watch out for Jeremiah Lopez, a regular advertiser on Craig’s List under different names and phone numbers.  I exposed Lopez on my Troubleshooter Show and gave out his company name “Yankees Landscaping & Concrete” and cell number (720) 589-7332, so people would avoid him.  He has also advertised on Craig’s List using other names:   “AAA Landscape N Concrete” and “Affordable Landscape N Concrete”

His practice is clearly a violation of the Colorado Contractors Trust Act, but our local district attorneys and the Colorado Attorney General doesn’t seem to care!